Supporting Veterans

We host an annual Hunt for Warriors to thank military personnel and first responders for their service to our country and to our communities. 

The Kansas City Chapter of SCI was honored to sponsor Hunt for Warriors with Duckhorn Lodge in Urich, MO on October 17th.    Numerous volunteers worked to put on a great event for 33 veterans to include various shooting venues and a pheasant hunt.   Breakfast and lunch were provided.


Thanks to Bob Fry and Duckhorn Lodge for putting together a fun event for our veterans.

hunt for warriors.jpeg
hunt for warriors 2.jpeg

Supporting Local Families 

In times of need, the members of the Kansas City Chapter look for ways to help local families. When Covid-19 policies imposed quarantines that impacted so many, the members chose to support  Harvesters Community Food Network.

"Thank you for your gift of $500 on 5/13/2020 to help provide for those affected by this crisis. During the uncertain times we are facing since the arrival of COVID-19, your generosity means fresh, healthy food for your neighbors who might otherwise go hungry right now. Parents like Joleen give thanks for you. 

Joleen and her husband are raising their family in the Kansas City area. Even before this outbreak, there have been times when Joleen’s husband’s income as an operator doesn’t stretch far enough to cover their monthly expenses. The family runs a fine line where they don’t qualify for government assistance but often struggle financially. 

Because you choose to give, Joleen can visit Mimi’s Pantry, her local Harvesters partner agency, to pick up fresh, nutritious food for her family. “This has helped out tremendously, “ Joleen says of the pantry. “It puts me at ease to know my kids will have [food].” 

Even in these extraordinary times, your support guarantees we have the resources in place to get food to those in need.


Thank you for your partnership! "