1. The animal must be taken within the preceding calendar year.

2. The above can be waived by approval of the Committee in cases like Africa where the trophy may not have been shipped in time.

3. The score sheet must be completely filled out including WEAPON USED.
(Youth hunters are not required to provide score sheet)
4. All entry forms must be accompanied in full with one photo labeled with the hunters name and animal species.

5. Only S.C.I. scoring methods will be used.

6. All adult entries must meet the S.C.I. minimum scores.

7. The cut-off date for acceptance of entries is Feb. 15, 2022. 

8. In order to be eligible, the hunter must be a member of K.C.S.C.I. at the time the animal is taken. (excluding youth)

9. All score sheets and pictures must be emailed

10. Any animal to be scored must be delivered to a S.C.I. Measurer (measurer will not come to you).